Two miles from wimborne town
      was canford manor school
      where lord and lady wimborne lived
      across the heath from Poole

      where Churchill came to visit
      for they were his family
      and the king of england also came
      traveling in carriages of gold
      it said that he threw coins to newtown kids
      at least thats what I'm told
      cause they were good as gold

      it was at canford magna
      its name was written in the book
      the history books tell it
      you just gotta look

      there were lodges on the heath that time
      with rabbits by the score
      then the years flew past
      as Britain was at war

      granfer rogers and his family
      built brickyard's on the moor
      the Luftwaffe bombed the heath that time
      they mistook the brickyard for holton heath
      near warehams door
      where ammunition was made
      this caused much grief

     there were foxes warren upon the hills
      chickens on the farms
      but granfer had his six barrel
      plus lots of fancy new alarms

      the Gypsy's sites were scattered around
      though some were diddy coy
      there was lots of open country then
      so good for girls and boys

      flowers grew wild and free at hand
      with pine tree and the birch
      heather stretched across the land
      with poppies and sweet flowers
      young girls they gathered baskets
      young men they ferreted around the hills

      old men they smoked their pipes
      canford was beautiful then
      before the cars and trikes

                A poem by Ray Wills the Gypsy Poet for more of Rays poems go here